Summative Graded Unit – Documentary & One Hour Programme




We were given our analysis of the brief on the 31st of January. It explained that for our Summative Graded Unit our class would be split into groups to create an hour long programme for a specific radio station with a specific theme. We each have to create a 6 minute long documentary on a topic relevant to the station and theme of our choosing. To make our hour long show we also have to bring in a guest to interview on air when we go live.

Analysis_of_task (2) – The document our tutor sent us all

My documentary ideas so far :

My first documentary idea is horror movie marathons that take place around scotland and why they are so popular despite being physically uncomfortable.

My second documentary idea is on the YellowMovement, they are a Scotland based collective of unsigned bands who support themselves and each other by setting up their own gigs and running all their own merchandise, selling of tickets and booking themselves.

My third idea is on the Edinburgh Roller Derby girls team called Auld Reekie Rollers. I’d like to do a documentary on these bad ass women and why they got into the sport and what they think has caused it’s popularity, what about it really appeals to them as players but also the rowdy crowd it brings in.

To make this all a reality I would like to get all my interviews done and recorded ASAP, preferably by May so that I have plenty of time to edit them all together as well as possible. It would also be goo to get all the interviews done ASAP incase any of them go wrong so I have to time to arrange something else but also to make sure my group are at a similar stage and if not I would be able to help them.


  • Transport for the guest coming to the studio – bus and/or train fair between £2 -£20
  • SFX for documentaries – Usually a couple of pounds each so budgeting £15
  • Zoom recorder mic H6 Multi Channel for location interviews – £309
  • Studio time for telephone interviews and all the equipment involved – Transmitter, receiver, antenna, transmission lines, audio processor, mixer, speaker, cables, telephone, audio playback component. All worth roughly £8,000
  • Macbook Pro for editing – £1,300
  • Protools Software: Full Version – £481.39
  • Adobe Audition: £17.15/month


For editing my documentary I’m wanting to do a lot better than my previous one and I’m being slightly more ambitious. I’m leaning more to doing my documentary on the horror marathons and I would like it to be presenter lead BUT I want the presenter to be talking about how she is on her way to a horror marathon, her first ever one, and she’ll talk about the research she’s done into them and why she wants to go to it. This would be spliced with the interviews I get about them. So I want it to sound like she’s outside and she’s walking around, and I want her to gradually get scared and worried she’s being followed and sound a bit like a horror movie premise. I’ll use SFX of leaves blowing, footsteps, maybe a second set of heavier foot steps to freak her out, a wolf howling, car door slamming, thunder and lightening etc. I also want to use some famous lines from horror films like “It’s ALIVE!”, “Redrum! Redrum!” and “Blood, I want to suck your blood!”.


When we did out shorter documentaries earlier in the year the things I struggled with were mainly technical, getting to grips with the equipment and being careful with sound files once I had them. Their were a few times that I thought I’d lost huge chunks of audio from my interviews and without the help of my tutor I would have lost them. Since I know first hand how stressful this can be, not just for me, but for the other people in my group, I’m going to try very hard to double check all the equipment before I use it and make multiple copies of all my sound files for back up.

I also feel that the editing of my earlier documentary was okay but not brilliant, wasn’t as sharp as it could of been. I want to get all my interviews done ASAP so I have more time to spend on making it sound really good.

When we presented our last documentaries on the air in our groups I think we did very well at knowing what everyone was doing and our running order, we had the chance to practice a few times which definitely helped, however our script was still a but vague. When we actually came to do the hour show on air we found we had to fill a fair bit of time at the end of everything because we’d ran early, which was a struggle to do and didn’t sound as fluid or natural. I think if we have a much more detailed script for this hour long show we will do even better.


Facebook conversation with Matt Palmer:

21 MARCH 13:09

Hey Romero/Matt i was just writing because i’m working on a radio documentary at the moment for my college course and I’m doing it on horror movie marathons and the appeal of them. I was wondering if I might be able to get an interview with you about creating and running ANHM?

21 MARCH 15:03

Hey Kelly. Normally I’d be well up for this. But we’re just entering the final two months of work on my feature film, so things are crazy busy, bordering on completely mental. I’m really sorry! If it’s any use though, there’s a few interviews that I’ve done in the last 5 years up online, where I cover quite a lot of stuff?
Oh that would be super useful! Where abouts could I find them? Also YOURE MAKING A FEATURE FILM?!? that’s awesome!

22 MARCH 15:08

Just pop in a Google search for “all night horror madness interview matt palmer” and it throws up around 4 interviews. Yeah, the feature film thing is VERY EXCITING!!!!
Chat conversation end

Emails sent to Greg Day (PR man at FrightFest)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 13.38.04

I have contacted Dark Side Magazine and Adele Hartley for interviews as well but their websites didn’t have emails I could send to through my gmail account for screen shots and evidence. Their websites had build in message senders to them, but hopefully I will receive responses soon.


Now we’ve been split into our groups I am with Ida, Andrew, Papi and Danielle. The radio station we’ve gone for is BBC Scotland and our theme is music and entertainment. I’ve decided to stick with my horror documentary idea since Ida, Papi and Danielle are all doing music themed documentaries.

There have been several meetings of our group at college, unfortunately I was only ever present for one short on where minutes were not taken. However two recordings were made of our groups two longest meetings and we have all been in contact with each other via a facebook group to keep up to date on our workings and to keep every in the loop. Papi was also kind enough to send me the minutes for a different short meeting I did not attend. Here is the link to our recorded meetings followed by our group chat and then the minutes Papi sent me:


Chat Conversation Start

JAN 18TH, 2:53PM

Andrew Wolfe named the conversation: Formative Graded Unit Group.
Hey guys this is the group chat for the half hour show on Tuesday

JAN 20TH, 3:54PM

Hi guys I’m looking at the script for the show on Tuesday and I’m wondering do you want to interview each other about our documentaries before we play them or after?
Ok no problem
Ida, your documentary’s first?
Cool so Daniele will introduce the show then interview Ida and then you’re documentary is played. We back announce it and then repeat that with the others and whoever is interviewing last will outro the show. Is that alright?
Sounds good wolfie!
Cool I’ll put that together and then we can script what we’re going to say on Monday.
Yes, thanks!
Cool no problem

JAN 22ND, 2:08PM

Formative graded unit script Ida, Kelly, Papi, DVS and Andrew.docx.doc
hi guys this the script so far just wanted to check it was alright with you. we can script what we say tomorrow but if their is any issue just let me know and I’ll sort it tonight for tomorrow
That looks calm Andrew thanks! Let’s get together tomorrow and finalise everything to the T x
Cheers Papi will do

JAN 23RD, 12:29PM

Hey papi can you send us your email?

JAN 23RD, 5:23PM

Guys Conor emailed us and our show is at 11:30
Shall we have a trial run around 10am then?
That’s fine yea

FEB 21ST, 11:47AM

Andrew Wolfe named the conversation: Summative Graded Unit Group.

FEB 21ST, 1:03PM

Thanks for the photo
I’ll do something entertainment based
This was the meeting we had earlier today and we’re thinking about radio 1 as our style for the hour show
Yeah sounds good

MAR 13TH, 10:55PM

Hey guys, what are your docs about?
in more detail… if you’re even awake now that is
Rap and grime
like the differences?
Wbu it will help for the power point
i don’t speak modern internet language i dont know what wbu means but im guessing “what about you”? mine is about how women in arts and music/creative industries create their own platform
are you gonna talk about any female artist?
in the doc
Sounds gd and Not in particular no
but are you mentioning anything about it?
trying to find a connection haha…
No worries and i dont believe so 😞
thanks. is wolfie doing something about folk music?
No clue sorry
alright, well thanks for the help! see you tomorro

MON 9:44AM

Sweet! I’ve still got audio from out first discussion. Andrew if you haven’t please send the other audio recordings thanks
Great thanks papi
Making a jingle
Finding background music for the show
Our guest on the show
Let me know if there’s other roles I am missing out
Besides the script
Just let me know what you want to do so we know what to put on our blogs x
Kool i could look at getting the background music
Something that can suit everyone ill get a few things and we can choose together yh ?
Ida & Kelly. Any suggestions on who you’d like to bring in?
If not I can look into that??
Yeah Dan great
So I’ve emailed everyone about interviewing them and then asking them if they’d like to come to the studio
Nearly everyone’s responded about the interview but everyone’s ignored my comment about coming in as a guest
Okay so your on top of that
We should check with conor because i cant remeber well if u can take the same person u interviewd
Sort of, I have a friend I could convince to come in who is a fan of the horror nights, probably rather not use him but as a last resort could do
Darn..💭 okay well let me know if anyone responds. I’ll see who else I can get to come in
Sounds great guys
I can ask around tonif can help
I’m gonna try and sort that asap
Are we looking at having a Jingle for our show, thoughts ??
Not too sure i was maybe thinking to stick with the ones we have for ecr but what are the thoughts ?
Guys just so ur up to date i wont be in next week

MON 4:31PM

Sent you the audio of our last meeting Papi

TUE 1:53PM

I’ll drop you guys my recording tomorrow.
Sounds good and andrew can u send the recording to everyone or is just one person only needing to upload it ?
I can send it to everyone if needed
that would sound great man
Yeah Andrew everyone needs a recording
Yes plz do
Right sent you all that recording

WED 11:27AM

andrew i was looking for the recording i couldnt find should it be just in the gmail ?

WED 12:31PM

No I sent it to you via We Transfer due to the size of the file. It should in your normal emails
found it bro are we able to put it directly to word press or do we have to put in in something like mix cloud and put a link to to it ?
thank you so much
Yeah Dan. Link it
well guys i was thinking could we not all link it from one page i think it would save us some time
I think we all need to have it individually on our blogs
Oh wait do you mean from one sound cloud account?
Don’t see why that would be a problem
sounds good what do the rest think ?
Hey what are you guys putting for health and safety and costing?

WED 6:28PM

Kelly that’s for you

WED 8:41PM

Okay guys does everyone have everything they need for their blogs?
It’s not all up yet but I hope so..
Okay well give us a shout preferably before the 18th 😂
Haha ofc 👌
I’ll get it all finished and up tomorrow and send you guys the link
Yeah that’s a superb idea.
You lot keen on exchanging blog links, so we can just scan everyone has everything
Seems like a good idea for us all to check each other
And make changes if needed
Okay, I am watching snowing on Netflix the now afterwards x

THU 3:20PM

hey guys did one of you put up the audio on soundcloud?
i tried to
how did you get the audio on the blog?
i haven’t. what i will do is type up the main points raised ithe meeting.
i managed to upload it to my soundcloud
ok cool
here’s the link if anyone needs it
Meeting 21st March 2017
Group meeting

THU 6:09PM

great thank you Ida

THU 10:46PM

Thanks Ida


Did everyone get my email with the first recording?
Chat Conversation End



The health and safety issues with our self drive studio are as follows:

1. Long cables which are a tripping hazard

2. Wall mountings

3. Flooring that can cause tripping

4. Cornered desk

5. Sound proofing

6. Fire escape

7. Electrical equipment

8. No bins or antibacterial

9. Furniture – chairs on wheels that you could trip over or slide around when seated

10. Liquids – any consumed in the studio can be a hazard due to all the electrical equipment

13. Mic stands

All of the above are things which are not safe in our self drive studio. we as a group will do out best to resolve these problems and make sure anyone in the studio is aware of all the potential hazards.



For my first interview I want to speak to Greg Day who is the PR man behind FrightFest, an annual horror marathon festival that takes place every April in Edinburgh at the film house. I want to ask him why he got involved with the project, why he thinks these events are important and popular and what the audience gets out of the experience above and beyond just seeing the films? What does the event offer to the public over all and will it continue being popular? Is it mainly repeat customers or do they get new people attending each year and if so why are they coming now?

My second interview I’d like to interview Matt Palmer who is the creator of the Horror Movie Marathons that happen at the cameo cinema in Edinburgh every few months and also through in Glasgow a few times a year. I want to ask him why he started the event, why he thinks it’s important, why people go and why people who haven’t been should go, what he personally gets out of the events and what he believes his audience gets out of it and what they enjoy the most. I also want to ask him why there aren’t all night movie marathons for other genres of films.

My third interview I’d like to interview Adele Hartley who is the founder and curater of the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival and Marathons in Edinburgh. I want to ask her why she started the event, why she thinks they are important, what she thinks the audience gets out of it, why is their a need for multiple similar events to happen in a one city and why they continue to sell out and remain popular, if she’s noticed the same people attending each year or if it’s all the same people attending ALL of these different horror events.

Other interviews:

Cinema Staff – I’d also like to get some interviews with some cinema staff at the cameo and film house who work these events but also at the cinemas for the rest of year. I’d like to ask them if they think the events are good, why do they think they are popular and if they enjoy working at them more or less than any other themed event at the cinemas or just regular shifts.

Audience Members – Stuart Cook and Rhuarid Daunton are two long time attendees of all these events so I’d like to ask them why they keep going to them despite them being long and potentially uncomfortable, what they get out of it other than viewing the films, is their a feeling of comaradery in the air when they attend and how out of their way do they go to attend these event eg planning work them. Also how they prep for them eg snacks, drinks, bringing blankets and comfortable clothing etc. And finally what advice they would give to people thinking of attending a marathon.

John Martin, Calum Waddell, Alan Jones, Eileen Daly, Jason Slater, Jonathan Sothcott or Brad Stevens – all writers at the uk based horror magazine Dark Side – why they attend the events, they they believe they are popular and what is the over all appeal

Allan Bryce editor of the Dark Side since it launched back in 1990 – why he believes these events are popular, what he gets from attending them, why he sponsors them


The shows that inspired this are a series of horror critic podcasts and radio shows by BitchMedia. Each one is presenter lead, usually by a woman, and she tells the story of the documentary whilst sounding like she’s in a horror movie, she sounds scared and makes comments about how she’s sure she’s being followed etc. They are all informative but also fun, they don’t take themselves too seriously as they know the genre can be funny, the interviews with actresses and directors in them are again very casual and you can hear how excited they are to talk about their crafts. They unfold like a good story, there is a clear point to each one that gets thoroughly explored. There is a real mixture of sound effects, movie audio clips, interviews and the presenters really acting to keep them all interested and the listener engaged.


On the BBC Scotland website is states the remit of the station:

“The remit of BBC Radio Scotland is to be a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland.”

This perfectly ties in with what my documentary is about, since it is a cultural event/events that happen annually and bimonthly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, two major cities of the country. This also works with everyone in my groups documentary topics because they are all either based in and around the central belt in scotland and/or about music and entertainment.



Having checked on the BBC Scotland guidelines as well as the ofcom guidelines here:


I am fully aware or all the different things I can and cannot talk about in my documentary or whilst on air with my group. Anything that may cause offence, be defamatory or partial to particular view point is not acceptable and must be avoided at all costs.


January 31st – We received our Analysis of the brief

February – We have been split into group and work out our teams radio station and theme

March & April – Get all my interviews recorded, check that people in my group are at a similar stage and if not help them, assign roles between us for our 1 hour show

May – Finish all editing and recording, get script written up for 1 hour show and rehearse and practice with the group

May 16th – Go live with our packages


For my documentary I want to focus on Horror Movie Marathons happening around Scotland and the UK. The horror genre has been popular for centuries through literature and story-telling, the films made over the last century have varied heavily in skill, talent, budget and believability but one thing has always remained true to the audience. A loyal fan base who take the bad with the good, even sometime preferring the bad. As a result since the 1970’s horror double bills have been a fairly common feature. In 1993 FearFest started in Edinburgh, based at the film house on Lothian Road and gained a good following that has expanded each year. Since it’s conception other horror marathons have cropped up all over the country. 12 hours of blood, gore, slashing, murders, monsters and masked killers. Seems like a hard to sell concept watching all these films back to back in the same chair, but they are surprisingly popular, usually selling out very quickly and people bartering for tickets on the night of the event. These marathons have become a shared experience with the audience and the endurance of the marathon shows the viewers commitment to the genre like never before.

Horror has never been the most popular genre however it holds its own. Since the early 70’s till the mid 80’s there was a steady increase in the making of/and increase of popularity in them. The early 90’s with the blockbuster sell out of Wes Cravens Scream horror became HUGE and mainstream. Teen slashers became must see films. And it hasn’t slowed down. However it is still a subgenre and in the grand traditional of subgenres, the fans are devoted.

The angle of this documentary will focus on the popularity of these marathons and the overall experience.

The story arc will focus at first on the creators of these events, what inspired them to set up their marathons and what they enjoy about it. The story will then look to the staff who work the nights and how they find it compared to other cinema events or just their normal work shifts. Lastly we’ll look at the audience and what they really get out of it, why they keep coming back and how they cope with the long hours.

This documentary is being made for BBC Scotland since it is mainly focusing on events within Scotland. It will be broadcast at 10pm since it’s for an adult and late teen audience.

The pace will be fairly slow and relaxed, tone conversational, style upbeat and funny. The documentary is focusing focusing on the madness of the event and how silly it is but still manages to stay popular. Relaxed interviews with the people who run the nights and are involved with them, famous horror audio clips to entertain, creepy music to set the mood and then clips of people saying how much they love it to further bring home the fact that not only are these events fun but they bring people together.

Here is my PowerPoint which I used for my documentary pitch whilst explaining everything above to my class and group:

Summative Graded unit documentary (3)


On the BBC Scotland website is states the remit of the station:

“The remit of BBC Radio Scotland is to be a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland.”

This perfectly ties in with what my documentary is about, since it is a cultural event/events that happen annually and bimonthly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, two major cities of the country.

BBC Scotland style is formal but also relaxed and easy to listen to. Their language is understandable and occasionally uses colloquialisms but for the most part it continues to be quite formal. The pace is relaxed but also straight to the point, not as fast as say Capital FM but not as a slow and somber as BBC 4, somewhere in the middle. The target audience for BBC Scotland is central belt listeners in Scotland, they claim in their charter they mainly get male listeners and would like to improve the stats on female listeners. My documentary, and our groups hour long show, ties in with this well since all our documentary topics would appeal to people living in the central belt of our country. My documentary also appeals to their want of more female listeners since horror movies and these events are surprisingly more popular with women, especially in the UK, so this would up their listeners of women to the station as well as informing the other listeners of local events they can take part in.


The research I have done is on various horror marathon events around the UK, statistics on the popularity of the genre as a whole, videos and articles about people attending them, a horror magazine that sponsors these events, and personal experience of attending these events and talking with the other participants, who more often than not have planned their work and holidays around attending these long attractions. – One of the biannual horror marathon events that happens in Edinburgh – Annual horror event that happens every April in Edinburgh – UK based horror magazine that sponsors these events

All The next links are evidence of the popularity and excitement surrounding Matt Palmers All Night Horror Madness which happens three to four times a year at the Cameo cinema in Edinburgh. The links include reviews of the nights, blog posts about how good the nights are, written interviews with Matt Palmer about why he thinks the nights are important and what they offer the crowds and a video of someone who recorded himself at one of the first nights and giving a run down of how it progresses as the night goes on.



Our roles and responsibilities include us each making, planning, interviewing for, producing a presenter for and editing our own documentaries. Our roles in the team include getting our documentaries ready in time, coming up with an order of playing them on air, deciding on bed music between the documentaries, scripting what we will say between the documentaries, assigning roles during the hour long show of who’s going to produce who and who’s asking questing etc, making a jingle and finding and bringing in a guest to interview live.

We have now assigned all our roles and they are as follows:

  • Daniele is in charge of finding background music and choosing sweeps for the documentary.
  • I will make sure that everybody is done and ready to broadcast on time.
  • Papi is head producer, making sure questions and timings are ready for all the individual documentaries and writing questions for our live guest.
  • Andrew is in charge of the script, writing it and making sure everybody is happy with it.
  • Ida will be booking a live guest, making sure someone are available and willing to come in on the day of broadcast.


I will use social media to help promote my documentary and our groups 1 hour show by making a facebook page and sharing it on multiple horror movie fan pages. As well as this I will make a twitter account and tweet all the people involved in making my documentary before we air. As well as facebook and twitter I would like to make a couple of posters that I could put up at the this years FrightFest at the film house to further advertise the documentary and hour long show to people that are already interested in the subject and theme. I will also use instagram to contact and advertise the hour long show and my specific documentary but messaging and posting relevant pictures to other radio student are the world, horror fan and fanatics and those involved in the horror events as well.


I’d like to use SFX of leaves blowing, footsteps, maybe a second set of heavier foot steps to freak her out, a wolf howling, car door slamming, thunder and lightening etc. I also want to use some famous lines from horror films like “It’s ALIVE!”, “Redrum! Redrum!” and “Blood, I want to suck your blood!”


I would like to get some vox pops of people that have attended these events and what they think and also some people that haven’t attended and ask them if they would and if so why or why not.


Check list (Zoom recorder)

1. Switch the zoom recorder on

2. Check available battery power/ get spare batteries. Minimum battery power is two bars.

3. SD card (formatted) The recording mode must be checked, then format the SD Card.

4. Zoom recorder handle

5. Zoom recorder usb computer connection check that it’s there.

6. Check levels and set the (LMH) to Low

7. Check recording mode is WAV 44.1 16Bit

8. Check current polar pattern pick up/ if need be change it

9. Headphones. Check the levels see that they aren’t peaking.

10. Zoom recorder wind breaker

11. Test record and see if the zoom is working.


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