Looking For Laughs – The Interview Ideas

For my Graded Unit I’ve decided to stick to the Edinburgh Comedy Scene topic. The Documentary will be called Looking for Laughs and will focus on the future of the Edinburgh Comedy Scene. There are a surprisingly lack of places for comedians to perform in our capital city, despite us hosting the Fringe Festival every August. The documentary will focus on interviewing current local comedians about the struggles they faces finding gigs and also looking at the new comedy club here in Edinburgh; The Monkey Barrel.

People that have agreed to interviews:

Kimmy Laughton – Local Female comic currently competing for Scottish Comedian of the Year Award. I want to interview Kimmy for a female perspective on navigating the Edinburgh Comedy Scene and also about her competing for the Yearly Award.

Iain Campbell – Local Edinburgh Comic who ran his own “New Material” night called The Line Up for two years. I want to interview him about his night The Line Up, why he started it? What benefits did he give the scene from providing a night like this? What benefits did he achieve personally from running this night? Why he stopped? And where he hopes the comedy scene in Edinburgh goes

Bob Graham – Local comedian who’s been in the circuit for over ten years. I want to interview Bob because he could give me a really unique perspective on how the comedy scene has changed over the last decade? What differences there are between finding gigs when he started and finding them now? What he wants to see happen in the comedy scene?


Rick Molland – Compare at  Monkey Barrel Comedy Club. I’d like to interview Rick about the inspiration for the new venue, the struggles with doing it, how successful it has been so far, where he hopes it’ll lead and his general hopes and concerns for the Comedy Scene in Edinburgh.

People I’m still waiting on responses for:

Daisy Earl – Current Scottish Comedian of the Year Award. I’d like to interview Daisy about her recent rise to fame, what winning the award has done for her career, how her tour of Australia went, what it was like when she started doing stand up & her hopes for comedy in Edinburgh.

Tom Stade – Internationally recognised comedian that lives and performs in Edinburgh. I’d love to interview Tom about his work in Edinburgh, why someone so big chooses to remain in our rather small city with a lack of performing spaces for comics & what advice he’d give to new comics starting out.

Vladimir MacTavish – Infamous Local Comedian who’s been in the Edinburgh and Scottish circuit for over 20 years. I’d like to interview Vlad about the differences of performing when he started till now, how he feels about the new comedy club & where he hopes comedy will go in Edinburgh.

General questions for all interviewees:

  • What is the main struggle you face performing stand up in Edinburgh?
  • What major differences do you feel are present in the comedy scene between festival and non-festival time?
  • How did you get into stand up?
  • Who were your inspirations?
  • Where is your favourite place to perform in Edinburgh & why?
  • What are your hopes for the future of comedy in Edinburgh?
  • How difficult did you find it to first get into stand up?
  • How difficult do you think it is for people wanting to try stand up just now?
  • If you had to recommend a place for them to try out stand up where would it be & what advice would you give them?
  • What differences would you like to see in the Edinburgh Comedy Scene?
  • If you were to start you stand up career again would you do anything differently? If so what?

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